Mill Tour

The process begins in the skirting and washing area (below). Shown here, Karin Kennedy who oversees the operation of this department and is responsible for the flow of farmers’ custom processing orders through the facility.

Then it’s on to picking and carding. Here’s millwright Rich Pauquette adjusting a roller in our 1980s vintage 84″ Davis and Furber carder; and Mary Jeanne Packer, mill owner, inspecting picked fleece on the feed table.

One of the secrets to our success – a Warner & Swasey pin-drafter (left). Carded sliver is run through the fine combs in this machine two or three times to parallel the fibers before moving on to the Gaudino spinning frame (right).

The process finishes up with plying and skein winding. Shown here, our Saco-Lowell Meadows twister used for making two-ply worsted and DK weight yarns and three ply sock yarn (and more!); and machine operator Jane Machen preparing skeins for a custom order.